Psychoscope Interview with Florence von Gunten


20.01.2024 / YLAH founder and CEO Florence von Gunten reports in the Psychoscope magazine of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) on the possibilities of blended psychotherapy and how our software can be used as the first Swiss solution for this.

This latest edition is dedicated to change psychology over time. After 44 years, the publication of this last print edition marks the end of a chapter in history – while simultaneously opening new doors. Aligned with this, the magazine explores fresh perspectives, including the role of digital tools in shaping the future of psychology and psychotherapy.

Florence von Gunten, what inspired you to establish YLAH?

My background as a registered nurse allowed me to work in psychiatry during my psychology studies, bringing me close to patients. Recognizing the potential of new technologies to transform psychotherapy, I realized the existing technical solutions were limited. In 2019, I conceived the idea of developing a suitable tool. Through nearly 200 interviews with professionals, affected individuals, and experts, I formulated a concept and gained support from the University of Bern with Prof. Dr. Thomas Berger. With the aim of bridging the care gap between therapy sessions, we founded YLAH AG in 2022, developing a medical software for an interactive web application and a mobile app.

A promising approach. Are there truly no comparable products available?

There are few products for online psychotherapy so far; solutions have been developed in the Netherlands and Germany, but the Swiss market remains unattractive for foreign products. Over the last 20 years, research in online psychotherapy has intensified, revealing that pure online applications are poorly received by patients, associated with high dropout rates, and lack integration with traditional therapy. However, involving professionals in online treatment improves outcomes. Our product is specifically designed for “Blended Psychotherapy,” and we hope this approach will gain traction in Switzerland.

Does the use of your solution offer additional advantages?

A significant advantage is that individuals can use the product during the wait for their first appointment. Therapists can invite them to become familiar with the tool, work on introductory chapters, and allocate initial activities. Through questionnaires, information about future patients is collected before the first session.

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Many thanks to the FSP and Psychoscope for the opportunity to share our vision. Their work and support play a crucial role in driving innovative ideas and perspectives in psychology. It is an honour to be a part of this special edition and to help shape change in our industry.