Meet our passionate Team

Florence von Gunten


Product Development & Scientific Validation

Expertise: Professional and conceptual knowledge

Before: Psychologist UPD AG Bern, Research Assistant University of Bern

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Cordelia Trümpy


Business Shaper & Communications

Expertise: HealthTech, Business Models, NCDs, Marketing, Clinical Nutrition

Before: Diabetes Center Berne, Medtronic EMEA/CH, Nestlé HealthScience, Novartis Medical Nutrition, Swiss Hospitals

Marcel Canclini


Product Development & Operations

Expertise: Interfaces and Standards eHealth, Data Science, Technology & Operations

Before: Software Products Healthcare Switzerland, including EPD

Anna Valyagina

UI/UX Designer

Product Development

Expertise: User Interface Design for Websites, Mobile and Web Apps

Currently: Freelance UI/UX designer focused on eye-pleasing and easy-to-navigate interfaces

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Rafal Romanowicz

Regulatory Affairs Associate

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management

Expertise: Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs and Quality Management System management for Medical Devices

Currently: QMS Lead Auditor at SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA

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Pia Joëlle Eggimann

Business Development & Customer Success

Market Orientation & Trainings

Expertise: Customer relations and focus, programme development, project management

Before: Oviva, Klenico, Ginetta and other positions in start-ups and SMEs

Nathalie Voßkamp, M.A.

Certified Life Coach (DBCA)

Product Development

Expertise: Professional and conceptual knowledge in the areas of life coaching, coaching, business coaching and psychotherapy

Currently: Self-employed life coach for individuals, companies and institutions in own coaching office Weit’Blick Coaching

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Laura Burkhalter


Accounting & Staff

Expertise: Legal knowledge and accounting experience

Currently: B.Sc. Law

Noemi Kojan


Marketing & Research

Expertise: Psychological knowledge (B.Sc.)

Before: Saleswoman in retail

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Thomas Berger

Scientific and Therapeutic Advisor

Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bern

Thierry Kneissler

Strategy, Startup Fundings

Kneissler Consulting GmbH, Ex-CEO TWINT

Dr. phil. nat. Markus Wyss

Business Development

Entrepreneur and chairman, member of boards of directors with a focus on the healthcare sector

Advisory Board

Dr. med. Christian Imboden EMBA

Clinical Implementation Advisor

Medical Director and CEO of Privatklinik Wyss AG, Bern

Egon Perathoner

Computer Sciences, Software Architecture

COO Quickline AG

Dr. Sabine Nieba

Expert Medical Device Regulation

Quaregia GmbH, Partner & COO, PhD in Biochemistry, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Professional since 2002

Ursula Uttinger,

lic. iur. / exec. MBA HSG

Data Protection Expert

Uttinger Datenschutz, Lecturer HSLU