YLAH’s Partnership with Privatklinik Wyss AG


Bern / Münchenbuchsee, 31 January 2023 – YLAH AG and Switzerland’s oldest private clinic, Privatklinik Wyss AG (PKW), will be joining forces from May 2023. PKW has been using state-of-the-art, clinically validated and personalised therapy services for years and already has experience with blended psychotherapy. Going forward, YLAH’s therapy platform will be evaluated by doctors and psychologists working at PKW.

The “blended psychotherapy” approach, i.e. the combination of therapy sessions and elements of online therapy, is widely considered to have great potential. Professionals can digitally assign patients personalised support and small tasks between sessions. Patients can engage with their mental health between face-to-face appointments. The approach also supports them in integrating therapeutic activities into their daily lives. Experts consider this hybrid approach more effective and efficient than sessions alone or pure online therapy.

Florence von Gunten, the CEO of YLAH AG and the person behind the project, is delighted with the partnership:

“In Privatklinik Wyss AG, we have gained a strong partner to work alongside us. For more than a year, we have been gathering input from future customers and involving them in our development, thus ensuring that YLAH is developed in line with their needs.”

YLAH AG successfully closed the pre-seed financing round in January and will use the funding to continue to drive product development in the coming months. The first version of the therapy platform will be ready for testing in outpatient and inpatient settings in May 2023. The insights gained will be incorporated into the subsequent development cycles.

“As a clinic, we are interested in using a scientifically validated product like YLAH to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of therapy. My team and I have already validated the YLAH prototype and are very satisfied with the development so far”,

says Christian Imboden, MD, Medical Director and Chairman of the Clinic Management of Privatklink Wyss AG and clinical advisor for YLAH.

PKW cooperates with YLAH not only on the clinical and operational level, but also on the strategic level. Markus Wyss, sixth-generation clinic owner, supports the YLAH team strategically and has been a member of the YLAH Board of Directors since January 2023. Wyss is also thrilled about the partnership:

“Privatklinik Wyss has been driving digitalisation forward for years. This cooperation with YLAH gives us the unique opportunity to use the expertise of the clinic’s specialists to co-develop a solution that is tailored to both patients and practitioners.”

The clickable prototype was tested with end users in 2022.
The insights and feedback gained are currently being incorporated into the development of the YLAH platform (Release 1, Q2 2023).


Bern-based startup YLAH was founded in 2022 by Florence von Gunten (Product Development, Scientific Validation), Cordelia Trümpy (Go to Market), and Marcel Canclini (Technology, Operations). The founders and their team have been developing and validating the YLAH therapy platform (software as a medical device) in close cooperation with end users since the beginning. This spin-off of the University of Bern works closely with the online therapy specialist, Prof. Dr. Thomas Berger, to ensure the quality of the therapy content. The first therapy modules on the YLAH platform focus on depression, anxiety disorders and related treatment topics

Media Contact: cordelia.truempy@ylah.ch

About Privatklinik Wyss AG

Privatklinik Wyss (Wyss Private Clinic) is a leading specialist clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy with a service mandate in primary care in the canton of Bern. Founded in 1845, it is the oldest private psychiatric clinic in Switzerland. Its special areas of expertise include the treatment of depression, including burnout, as well as anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The clinic offers outpatient, day-unit, and inpatient services in the regions of Bern, Münchenbuchsee, and Biel. Privatklinik Wyss offers a wide range of training and further education courses and employs a multi-disciplinary team of around 340 staff.

Privatklinik Wyss AG, Fellenbergstrasse 34, CH- 3053 Münchenbuchsee www.privatklinik-wyss.ch

Media Contact: corinne.gerber@privatklinik-wyss.ch

At Privatklinik Wyss, patients with mental illnesses receive professional, needs-oriented and tailored treatment.