Nathalie Voßkamp, M.A.

Certified Life Coach (DBCA)

Product Development Blended Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Nathalie Voßkamp is a certified life coach, a cultural and social anthropologist and a historian. She has a proven expertise in the theory and practice of Life Coachings, Coachings and Business Coachings and brings with it a great academic background from more than six years of research and teaching.

Driven by a deep-rooted passion for life and unique life paths, meaningful personal growth, the unfolding of individual potential and spirituality, as well as finding and realizing the unique life vision and purpose are at the core of her understanding of life. To perceive, experience, feel and comprehend life with all senses and full SENSE; to live a life full of curiosity, individuality, emotionality, intuition, passion and meaning: this is the root of Nathalie’s concept of life as a unique journey to fulfillment, gratitude, happiness, consciousness and love; as a quest for SENSE and PURPOSE. She sees life as a journey to the inner self and individual destiny, guided by joy, gratitude, courage and serenity.

Nathalie is driven by a deep inner passion to support people on their path to personal fulfillment, to make their life visions and dreams come true and to open herself to a life full of personal growth, realized individual potential and mindfulness in all facets of human experience. SENSUAL, passionate and present!

In her own office Weit’Blick Coaching, Nathalie offers life coaching sessions for individuals (individuals, couples, families and teams), companies and institutions as well as lectures on various topics. In addition, Nathalie offers Heart Space workshops that accompany and support women and men with multiple loads, heavy loads and mental loads as well as working mothers and fathers on their journey to individual fulfillment, clarity, meaning and purpose.

In her role at YLAH, Nathalie is responsible for product development in the areas of blended psychotherapy and life coaching.

Other topics I like to talk about:
I am interested in everything that distinguishes us as holistic beings, shapes our coexistence in society and considers mental health as the basis of our lives. Beyond that, I am guided by the inner need to explore the depths of life and to shape my life on the foundation of higher meaning, purpose and spirituality.