Florence von Gunten

Co-CEO / Co-Founder

Product Development & Scientific Validation

Florence von Gunten holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and brings the know-how of psychotherapy research and practice; through her profound studies and scientific activities at the University of Bern and Bristol (UK) as well as further education in psychotherapy and translational medicine processes and her several years of experience in Childrens- and Adolescents University Psychiatry Berne.

She knows today’s processes and shortcomings, as well as the latest scientific findings and implementation possibilities. In doing so, she also takes into account the professional policy changes due to the prescribing model with new requirements as of July 2022 in the conceptualization of the product.

At her current role at YLAH, Florence is responsible for research and product development in close exchange with scientific institutions and practicing psychotherapists.

Other topics I like to talk about:
Everything that goes beneath the surface and inspires personal growth:

  • Martial arts such as Kungfu and Taiji
  • Swimming as a balance for health
  • Collage design as a creative expression.